Social Energy Powered By You

Social Energy is a new energy trading platform for solar PV panel and battery customers.

We look at the equipment required to get started and join the Social Energy revolution.

Social Energy: An Overview

Through Social Energy, customers can store their solar energy, sell it to other customers or exportit to the National Grid — all without the influence of the ‘big six’ energy companies.

All of this trading is automated so that customers get the best prices for their stored energy.

By exporting or trading, customers can earn money and reduce their domestic electricity bills, all while using only 100% renewable energy generated within the grid-sharing network.

What Equipment Is Required?

To join the Social Energy revolution potential customers must have the following:

A Property

To join Social Energy you must own a property, own a freehold or leasehold interest, or own a rental property, while you must have acquired required approval for domestic solar.

Solar Panels

Social Energy is a solar energy trading platform, which means all customers require a solar photovoltaic panel (PV) system with solar panels that turn sunlight into usable domestic energy.

Solar Storage Battery

Social Energy works with approved solar 3kW storage batteries, which are connected wirelessly to other approved batteries across the grid-sharing energy network.

Once the batteries are all wirelessly linked, Social Energy creates a power station in the sky.

Project Solar is the first company that’s fully compliant with National Grid’s dynamic frequency response service, with Duracell batteries providing balancing services to the grid.

Smart Meter

All customers must have a smart meter or get one installed so that Social Energy can access meter data every half an hour and get up-to-date energy import and export readings.

If new customers don’t have a smart meter Social Energy will install one free of charge.

Smart Hub

A smart hub must be installed at the property which, along with the solar panels, battery and smart meter.

A compatible Smart Hub enables Social Energy to operate the approved battery and so the exporting and trading of stored solar energy can take place across the connected network.

Smartphone App

The Social Energy smartphone app is free to download and enables customers to monitor their energy usage, exports and energy trades right from the palms of their hands.

Users can monitor millions of up-to-date data touch points from anywhere in the world to maximise their investment and savings through the Social Energy wireless energy network.

The app displays 600 million data points per year with a 95% AI trade prediction accuracy.

Social Energy: Powered To You

Social Energy is an AI powered platform and energy storage platform where customers can reduce their electricity bills by up to 100% and use only 100% renewable solar energy.