Solar falls just short of generation record as GB smashes coal-free record

Solar PV generation in the UK peaked at 9.11GW this weekend – just short of the record – as the technology helped the country to a new coal-free milestone.

The country lasted more than 90 hours without any coal generation over the course of an Easter weekend which saw much of the country enjoy almost unspoilt sunshine.

Coal came off the system at around 10:30pm on Thursday 18 April and was next seen at 5:30pm on Monday 22 April, setting a new record of 90 hours and 45 minutes.

Image: Drax Electricity Insights.

The new record fell almost exactly a year after the previous record of 76 hours was set, with solar playing a pivotal role in both.

According to Sheffield Solar’s PV_Live tracker tool, solar generation peaked at 9.11GW at 12:30pm on Sunday afternoon, just shy of the 9.3GW record which was set in May last year.

The technology frequently contributed more than 25% of total UK power demand during afternoon hours.